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For inclass courses at U of T St George Campus;C Price for an interim surlox bound manual style hard photocopy is C$ 97.35, plus HST of $ C12.65, totaling $ 110.00 for in class hand delivery by instructor in first class. This option is only available for a physical class at St George Campus. Learners wishing to obtain an early copy, can order by mail as per the above button.

The course text is made available via this option in order to minimize the cost to learners. A traditional textbook would cost more than double this amount.

Hard Copy Options

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SASSATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you feel that, after reading and understanding the material,  I have NOT materially changed the way you look at business process, and NOT provided insights, techniques and tools that allow you to improve process performance, I will refund the cost of the materials, less a $ 10 processing charge.